Why This Ad Worked… And How To Make It Even Better

This ad for San Luis Junk Removal was a solid success. The client ran a modest budget on Charter Cable in San Luis Obispo County. The phone started ringing as soon as the ad began airing and the number of leads increased over time.

Why The Ad Worked

Target: Charter covers a large precentage of the homes in San Luis Obispo County, which is the market that San Luis Junk Removal Serves. We chose to air the commercial on programs that appealed mostly to middle aged and older homeowners because the client had determined from experience that these people where his ideal clients.

Interrupt: The scene opens with a pile of junk and the headline, “Are you buried in junk?” Then a beautiful woman pops up from the middle of the pile and and yells, “Take my junk away!” The question resonates with anyone who has that problem. The attractive woman popping up is a visual surprise that grabs your attention.

Engage: The ad uses conversational language and talks about how much you are going to save and what you are going to get. Everything in the ad is a benefit to the prospect. The name of the business and the slogan, “Take my junk away!” were repeated to reinforce the most important elements of the ad.

Educate: The ad demonstrates the junk removal process and shows a before and after of the garage as well as the benefit of the crew sweeping up afterward.

Offer: “1/2 the price as the national competitor and about the same price as renting a truck and doing it yourself.” Why go through the hassle when you don’t have to? It’s a great offer! The contact information was listed throughout the ad to make it easy to write down if necessary.

How To Make The Ad Even Better

The ad worked well during the busy summer months but did not work during the slower months. It would be better to only run the ad during the summer. The ad promised that San Luis Junk Removal is 1/2 the price of the national competitor. It would have been stronger if they named the national competitor and gave an example of the price difference as evidence. When the ad is more specific it is more credible.